The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment at an Early Age
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The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment at an Early Age

Most parents often ask whether there is a specific age for their kids to start orthodontic treatment. This is because we see a lot of people of all ages wearing traditional metal, clear braces, and even Invisalign braces. But in general, the best age to bring your child to their initial orthodontic consultation is around the age of seven. This is because, during this time, their baby teeth are replaced with adult teeth and most orthodontic issues can be easily identified.

What’s great about this is that when orthodontic treatments are applied as early as possible, there is a greater chance to treat them before they become a threat or a lifelong problem.

But you may find it surprising that not only mouth-related problems can be solved by various orthodontic treatments. Not convinced? Then let us share with you the benefits of orthodontic treatment at an early age.

It Aids in the Early Detection of Teeth Problems

When you bring your kids to a child’s orthodontist, the most important thing that they do is an intraoral evaluation to see early signs of problems in both their mouths and jaws. The orthodontist can provide 2D and 3D imaging to see:

- If your child’s teeth are growing in proper alignment or position
- whether upper and lower jaws are properly forming
- If there is a presence of impacted teeth
- If there is an ectopic canine, it grows horizontally in the upper jaw

That’s why it’s recommended that children be brought to an orthodontist as early as seven years old. And just as their teeth are beginning to erupt or grow, braces can guide their teeth into the right position and make the necessary minor adjustments.

It Can Save You Money

It can be cost-effective when you invest in your child’s early orthodontic treatment because it’s when a child’s jawbones are still developing. Unlike an adult’s jawbones which are dense, it would take a longer time (about ten months to two years) to properly realign the teeth and then fix any jaw issues present. Children, however, can only take about six months up to two years to complete the whole treatment. Take note that these all depend on the child’s teeth and jaw conditions.

It Helps Reduce the Risk of Developing Disorders

One of the main reasons why it’s best to bring your child for an initial orthodontic consultation is to reduce or prevent the risk of having them develop various dental issues, such as tooth decay and gum disease. It also protects them from disorders associated with teeth and jaw issues such as misaligned bite and misaligned teeth that may lead to Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ disorder. This disorder may cause the following symptoms:

- Cracked or chipped teeth
- Facial pain
- Swelling of jaws
- Difficulty in chewing
- Chronic headaches
- Breathing problems

Proper and early treatment is the best way to prevent such things from happening to your child. Having teeth that are properly aligned also helps them have good digestion and normal nutrient absorption because it’s easier for them to chew.

It Builds Your Child’s Confidence

The best thing that orthodontists can do for your child is to not only give them whiter and straighter teeth but also that confidence from having a bright smile. Help your child achieve that confidence from the inside out by sending them to a regular checkup with an orthodontist.


Orthodontic treatment is recommended because it not only makes your children’s teeth straighter and more beautiful, but it lessens the risk of developing complications and protects their overall health. With these in mind, children are able to function the way they want to be. They can smile brighter and be more confident inside and out.

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