iTero Intraoral Scanner

When it comes to your orthodontic treatment, Sawrie Orthodontics strives to provide you with the best possible care to help you achieve the best possible results. Having perfectly aligned teeth is about more than just creating a beautiful smile. It is also about optimizing your oral, and your overall health. To do this, we utilize the latest tools and technologies, including the iTero intraoral camera.

The iTero Intraoral Scanner

The iTero intraoral scanner is a digital device that allows us to take a closer look at the visible structures inside of your mouth. The scanner wand is approximately the size of a large pen. It has a camera on one end and is attached to a portable monitor on the other. As we run the camera around in your mouth, it uses optical and laser scanning to capture 3D images of your mouth. With this incredible technology, we are better able to provide you with the best possible care.

Improved Scanning Experience

With older scanning technology, capturing images was time-consuming. With every image, the camera would need to be positioned. The process could take a while. With iTero technology, we can take real-time images, eliminating the need to stop and start. We just wave the wand around inside of your mouth, creating a faster scanning experience.

High Quality 3D Images

The iTero intraoral camera produces high-quality images. The 3D images are displayed almost immediately on the attached computer monitor. As soon as the image is present, we can manipulate the image in a variety of different ways. The scan appears on the monitor in color, which enables us to more easily differentiate between the different areas of your mouth. Specialized software enables us to move and rotate the image around so that we can see your mouth from multiple angles. We can also target specific areas, zooming in on them and enhancing the image so that we can see even the smallest details. All of these features allow us to make accurate diagnoses and determine the best possible treatment plan for your needs.

Multiple Uses From One Scan

The iTero intraoral scanner is exceptionally useful in helping us to provide you with a customized treatment plan that will provide you with optimal results. The scanner can connect with AutoCAD technology, which helps us to plan orthodontic work. It can also be used to create customized clear aligners like Invisalign® that are specific to your mouth. We can also store the images we take a right in your digital file. This means that it is stored on the computer, rather than in a physical folder. We can easily access the image without having to dig through papers. Digital storage also significantly reduces the risk of the image getting lost or damaged. iTero can also be used for creating custom dental restorations such as crowns and veneers as well as creating abutments for dental implants.

With the iTero intraoral scanner, we are equipped to provide you with the best possible orthodontic care, which can lead to optimal results from your treatment. For more information on the iTero intraoral scanner, call Sawrie Orthodontics today at (423) 624-8217.