Our Technology


We live in a world where technological developments are constantly happening. Every day it seems as if some new technology is being brought to life. In the dental field, technological developments are allowing us to greatly improve the treatments you receive as well as the outcomes of those procedures. At Sawrie Orthodontics, we are proud to use some of the latest dental & orthodontic technologies to give you the highest quality care possible.

TRIOS Digital Impression Scanning

Traditionally, impressions for orthodontic treatment have been taking using impression putty. In addition to being messy and uncomfortable, this method of capturing impressions is not always effective. Poor impressions could mean the need for taking even more impressions, lengthening the process of getting your orthodontics. The TRIOS digital impression scanner is a type of intraoral scanner that captures digital impressions of your mouth. The technology eliminates the need for impression putty. We run the scanner around in your mouth, and it captures a scan of your teeth and gums, generating a digital 3D impression on a computer monitor. We can capture the impression we need in one shot, eliminating the need for additional, uncomfortable impressions.

iTero Intraoral Scanner

Traditional scanning could be quite time-consuming. For every image we needed to capture, everything would need to be repositioned. The iTero intraoral scanner is a much faster, more effective way to capture necessary images. The scanner is a small wand with a camera attached to one end. On the other, it is attached to a portable monitor. As we move the wand around in your mouth, the camera uses optical and laser scanning to capture a high-quality 3D image of your mouth. It appears almost instantly on the computer monitor. Using specialized software, we can manipulate the scan in some different ways, including rotating the image and zooming in. The technology connects to orthoCAD, which helps us to plan orthodontic treatment. It can also be used to create clear aligners to help provide you with the best results possible.

ProMax 3D Imaging

ProMax 3D imaging uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam to capture a 3D image of your mouth. The technology is similar to that used for X-rays while the images produced are more like those produced by CT scan technology. The scan shows us the hidden parts of your mouth, including the areas between your teeth as well as those below your gum line. We can see the roots of your teeth and your jawbone. We can also see muscles, ligaments, and joints. Much like the images produced by the iTero scanner, we can use specialized software with ProMax to manipulate the image in a variety of ways to see your mouth from multiple angles. We can rotate the image, zoom in, and enhance. With this type of imaging, we can gain a much better understanding of your mouth to provide you with the most effective treatments possible.