Has your orthodontist recommended that you consider the Carriere Distalizer to correct your bite problem? If so, you might be wondering exactly what this is. Many people have never even heard of this treatment option, but it can go a long way in giving you the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted. The Carriere Disalizer is an orthodontic device that works similar to headgear, pushing back the teeth in order to correct their placement. It is most commonly used to correct overbites when the teeth have erupted in the wrong manner, but it can also be used on under bites. A Carriere Distalizer will usually be used to treat your bite before you have braces put in to correct the alignment of your teeth. Installing the Carriere Distalizer If you and your orthodontist determine that a Carriere Distalizer is a good addition to your treatment program, you will first need to start with an anchor point. This typically consists of mini-screws, a lower appliance, and a curved metal bar that will attach to the teeth. One end of the bar will be bonded to the canine, and the other will be bonded to the molar. Then, your orthodontist will use elastic bands to create a force that will be able to move the teeth successfully. Caring for Your Carriere Distalizer Unlike retainers, the Carriere Distalizer won’t be removable. Therefore, you’ll have to be careful about the food items that you eat. Sticky or especially hard food items could damage the appliance, and this includes gum, sticky substances, and hard candy. Even seemingly soft foods like popcorn should be cut from your diet, as the kernels can easily get stuck in your appliance. If you think that the Carriere Distalizer might be right for your orthodontic treatment, contact your orthodontist to discuss this and other options.