Is 2016 the year that you’ll finally get that straight smile that you’ve always wanted? If so, today is the day to start looking at options. If you aren’t interested in braces, there are a variety of devices from which you can choose in order to get a straighter smile, and your orthodontist will help you to evaluate your options. Dental Appliances Certain devices and appliances are available to correct imperfections of the jaw, providing you with straighter teeth. Headgear, for example, is one such option. Children with an excessive overbite might have protruding upper teeth, and this problem can be corrected with headgear. This appliance will place pressure onto the upper jaw and teeth, moving them both backward into their desired position. Patients will need to wear their headgear for a specified length of time each day to see the results that they want. Palate Expanders This is a good option for children, especially when their mouths are too small for their future adult teeth. A palate expander is used to widen the arch of the teeth on the upper jaw, providing space for the teeth to naturally move into their desired position. Your child’s orthodontist will use a specialized key to turn the system, placing pressure onto the jaw so that extra bone will start to grow between the two halves. Fixed Retainers A fixed retainer will be attached to the inner portion of the teeth with dental cement, preventing the teeth from shifting with time. This helps to correct the bite while straightening the teeth, and while this is a good long-term solution if you are really hoping to avoid braces, it is important to note that these retainers cannot be removed on your own. If you are ready to take the plunge and finally straighten out your smile, call our office to set up your consultation.