You might be surprised to know that there are many of our favorite stars that have had braces to correct some dental irregularities and straighten teeth. Most celebrities chose braces that are invisible for obvious reasons, but if showing braces fit the role, they weren’t afraid to wear them where everyone could see. Normally movies where an actor would wear visible braces were those with teenage actors. Of course, teens with braces were always the nerdy characters. Most people typically think of kids with braces as awkward or nerdy. Anthony Michael Hall is one of the better known teen actors who wore braces in his roles. You remember him: there was a group of teens called the “Brat Pack” and he was part of that group. He was in Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and National Lampoon’s Vacation, to mention a few. Drew Barrymore’s braces were visible braces and portrayed her back-flashed nerdy self in high school days in the movie Never Been Kissed perfectly. Which adult Stars wore Braces? The list of stars that have used braces is longer than you may think. Their profession requires them to look a certain way so it’s not surprising that some of them need to straighten their teeth to look as good as possible. While some celebrities got braces as children (Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Dakota Fanning, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lourdes Leon who is Madonna’s daughter, Ryan Seacrest and even Emma Stone) many others chose to wear braces as adults. The braces that were chosen by adult stars vary. There are many types they can choose from, but visible braces are the most common. Not only did the previously mentioned child stars where them, there were adult film stars that sported this type as well. Gwen Stefani proudly flashes her braces for the cameras in many photos and Cindy Crawford even wore hers on a magazine cover. America Ferrera featured braces in her role on TV’s Ugly Betty; Eddie Murphy wore them in his movie Bowfinger, when he portrayed his slower, nerdier brother; and we all remember American Idol winner Fantasia. What Type of Braces did they Choose? Instead of braces that are visible (metal braces) some celebrities opt for are braces that are invisible (Invisalign). Danny Glover can be seen in photos wearing these braces. These braces are clear and made from materials that are made to blend in with the specific coloring of the teeth. Another option for braces is Lingual braces. These are probably one of the most popular options when someone doesn’t want to have the braces visible. Lingual braces are fastened to the teeth on the back side were they are almost impossible to detect. Did you know that Tom Cruise got his lingual braces after filming Top Gun? Other stars that chose to use lingual braces are Zac Effron, Nicolas Cage, Catherine Zeta Jones, Faith Hill, Faye Dunaway, and Angelina Jolie. Prince William and Kate Middleton are a few royals that where lingual braces as well. As you can see, braces have a long history in film and TV. The characters wearing the braces give more realism to many roles, particularly those films featuring teens. There is no longer a stigma or age attached to those wearing braces. Many feel wearing braces gives them the look of a teenager! And as seen in all those “before and after” shots, it was well worth the time and investment. As you can see people from all walks of life need teeth straightening – celebrities are no different from others and you have the same choices in braces as they do. Not only are they ready for their close-up, you can be too. If you are ready to straighten your teeth to look like a celebrity – call us today!