Getting braces is a big commitment of time, money, and lifestyle changes. It can take a decent amount of time to move teeth into the desired positions and there are a number of reasons that teeth may need to be moved. A very important thing to consider is the desires of the person getting the braces. To understand how long you will need to have braces there are a number of factors to consider. Well, it Depends… Why do you need braces? Many people need braces because their teeth do not fit together correctly and their bite must be manipulated. This is a process that can be fairly involved and can take a few years to come to fruition. Consider both the top and bottom arches of teeth – they are like a very complex puzzle of peaks and valleys that must all fit together properly. Even minor changes can take some time to fix. When the bite isn’t an issue and all that is required is some smile beautification, the amount of time required can be significantly shorter. One thing to consider when thinking about pushing for early removal of braces is relapse in tooth position. If you opt to have your braces removed before what your orthodontist suggests, there is the possibility that your teeth could move out of place again. This is a discouraging issue and we at Sawrie Orthodontics will always make sure you know any risks associated with early removal. Definitely No Longer Than… There is a maximum amount of time that braces are typically allowed to stay on teeth. It’s pretty rare that braces will need to remain on teeth for longer than 5 years. In the End, You’ll be Happy You Had Braces Remember, braces serve an important function, and you can ask for early removal if you wish. In the end, a beautiful, healthy smile is your reward for sticking with your braces and allowing them to do their job.