Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for kids and teens. If you have always wanted to have a straighter, more beautiful smile, but have put off fixing your teeth, you haven’t missed your opportunity. More adult patients than ever are pursuing orthodontic treatments in order to finally improve the function and appearance of their mouth. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options out there that can help you to finally get the smile of your dreams. Braces are one of the most common and effective orthodontic treatment methods available for adults. Many older orthodontic patients shy away from the idea of traditional metal braces, as they are worried about how their career or social life might be impacted by a mouth full of metal. However, other options are also available, including self-ligating ceramic braces and invisible options like Invisalign. These methods can help you to get the straight smile that you’ve always wanted more discreetly. The way that your orthodontist treats your oral health needs will vary from the way that children or teens might be treated. In your situation, the bones in your jaw will have already completed their growth cycle, which can impact the type of treatment is right for you. Likewise, you will be more likely to have experienced worn down teeth or tooth loss that can affect the type of treatment that you require. After your treatment, you’ll need to follow up with your orthodontist just like any other patient. You’ll be required to wear a retainer, regardless of the type of appliance that you chose to straighten your teeth. If you fail to use a retainer for the appropriate amount of time, the teeth will likely drift back into their original place. This is certainly not something that you would like to see happen, as it could require repeat treatment.