When it comes to getting straight teeth, you want to get the best results possible. Many people ask which are better, the changing aligner trays, or traditional metal braces. The truth is, they are both equally effective, but they each have a time and a place where they are the better solution. Here is a breakdown of when you may want to pick one over the other. Metal Braces or Aligner Trays? When the patient is younger, we tend to go with metal braces. They are easier to use on smaller teeth, and easier for us to control. Plus, there are also fewer components that come in and out of the mouth, meaning less chances that the items can be broken. Older patients tend to want to use the aligner trays. Not only are they less noticeable, but they are also easier as the person can take the trays out to eat and in other personal situations. However, they do need to be switched out approximately every two weeks, and they do require more care. You Get Nearly the Same Results With Both Options The position of your teeth prior to starting the straightening process, along with the number of alterations that need to be made to give you straight teeth are the most important factors when it comes to determining which option to go with. If you need only minor alterations, then anyone can get the aligner trays and be happy. For those who need more severe alterations, metal braces may be the better option to go with. To find out for sure, call us. We will have you come in for a consultation and let you know what option we believe would work best for you. The sooner you get started, the easier the process will be.