Having braces means that you are going to have a strong, straight smile. However, it also means that for the short term, you have metal brackets and wires all around your mouth. These mechanics are incredibly good at getting results, but there are times where they could also lead to pain in your mouth. To avoid pain, especially if there is a minor orthodontic emergency, we recommend you carry a bit of dental wax around with you. How Dental Wax Can Help Ease Your Pain There are times where you may bite into something or simply be talking and your mouth could get injured due to your braces. Typically, this is because one of the wires connecting your braces, or one of the brackets in your mouth, came loose. What you should do if this happens is first, cover the sharp edge with dental wax, and second, call our office. We will get you in, fix the problem, and send you on your way. Typically, dental emergencies, big and small, happen at the most inopportune time. Something like this will probably happen when you are busy, or outside of our regular office hours. That is why you always go around with a bit of dental wax. Even if you are at school, work, or off on vacation, you can cover the area with the wax and keep your mouth safe from pain. There are other uses for dental wax. Want to know what they are? Give our office a call. We will have you come in, take a peek at your braces, and then give you alternative uses for dental wax. It is a very handy substance to have on hand. Reach out to us today, and let us know what you need to make your braces more comfortable.