Trying to convince your teenager to get braces can be a challenge. Your child may be afraid that braces will make him or her ugly. When children are growing and going through puberty, they may experience many physical changes. These changes include losing and obtaining new teeth. Braces have gone through many transformations over the years. Orthodontists no longer use big metal bands and large wires. These days, dentists use thinner pieces of wire and smaller brackets for mounting braces inside of the mouth. Hence, all of these changes have decreased their size and made them better in appearance. How To Explain To Your Child Why He or She Needs Braces Many young people may worry about how they will look and feel if they get braces. The best solution to this dilemma is to sit down and communicate with your child. Help your teenager understand why braces are important and how it can improve his or her physical appearance. Children may need braces for several reasons, including gapped, overcrowding, and crooked teeth. A malocclusion or an overbite may exist. Other issues such as tooth decay, accidents, losing baby teeth too early or sucking of the thumb can cause problems with dentition. By helping your child comprehend how braces can correct these types of problems, this may convince him or her to have a change of mind. Furthermore, discuss with your child why braces are important for straightening teeth, keeping dentition positioned properly to prevent tooth decay, and helping him or her to chew food. Bring Your Teenager To The Dentist For A Routine Exam Another good strategy to use is to bring your child to us to get a thorough examination of the mouth. We can explain to him or her why braces are needed and why they may be a good remedy for solving any dental issues. Encourage your child to ask questions, so he or she can get the answers for him or herself. Once a young person hears from a specialist, like us, about the benefits and disadvantages of braces, he or she may be more committed to follow through with the dental treatment. Do not try to force your child into getting braces. Rather, try to convince him or her to cooperate with the dental procedure. If your child is willing to go through with it, this will make things flow more smoothly. Making Your Kid’s Dental Treatment Worthwhile Help your child understand how fun it can be to have a cool set of braces in his or her mouth. He or she can make a statement during and after the dental procedure. Encourage your teenager to select seasonal or school colors in order to make a statement during treatment, so your child can wear braces he or she likes. Afterwards, your young one will have a beautiful smile to look forward to, which can help improve his or her self-confidence. Things To Remember Always remember to stress to your teenager the benefits of getting braces. There are several advantages to discuss include improving oral health, straightening teeth, boosting self-esteem, enhancing one’s appearance, and preventing tooth decay. The end result of your child’s dental procedure is a beautiful and healthy smile. As your adolescent grows into a young adult, many changes take place in the bones that support dentition and gum tissue. When we are able to treat a young person while he or she is growing, we can reach better results than waiting until the individual is fully grown. The jaw bone and face are fully developed when people reach adulthood. Thus, this makes it is harder to treat dental problems that require braces. This type of orthodontic treatment is an investment that will last for a long time. Braces can give your teenager many psychological benefits and reduce any visible dental issues. A beautiful smile can positively impact a child’s mental state and give him or her a better quality of life. If your teen is ready for an orthodontic consultation, give us a call today!