Aligners are an orthodontic device made from a transparent plastic. They’re used to straighten your teeth. This is something that will typically take between 10 – 24 months. Of course, this is bound to be different for each patient because it’ll depend on how off your bite is or how crooked your teeth are. The worse either of these things are, the longer you should expect your treatment to take. What Aligners Work Best For Aligners work best when you need to have slight changes made in your mouth. This is because they can gradually move your teeth around. This is sometimes advantageous over traditional braces. At other times people prefer aligners because you can quickly see the changes that are happening in your mouth as your teeth are shifting into new, better positions. Aligners vs Braces When it Comes to Pain While some people will try to convince you that there’s no pain involved with aligners, this simply isn’t true. However, you should always remember the old saying about how if you’re unwilling to experience any pain, then you probably won’t see any improvement in your beauty either. At least with aligners you’ll experience less pain than you would experience if you were to choose traditional braces. It’s also important to mention that this pain will fade away as your teeth adjust to wearing your aligner. Of course, you’ll need to have these aligners swapped in and out and when this happens, you’ll experience a bit more pain but that will fade too. How Long Aligners Take to Work Honestly, the amount of time that it takes for your aligners to work will depend on how well you’re able to stick to the treatment plan. If you can keep your aligner in your mouth for 20 – 22 hours each day, as prescribed, then you won’t have any issues. Failure to do so will lengthen your process by two or three weeks for each aligner.