While it should go without saying that having a straight, bright smile will improve your physical appearance, what you may not realize is that this goes much further. There are many unexpected benefits to straightening your teeth. It Lowers Your Risk of gum Disease Straight teeth mean healthier gums that fit better around each tooth. This reduces the number of places in which bacteria can grow and thus improves your oral hygiene. Your Breath Will Smell Better Improved oral hygiene results in cleaner, fresher smelling breath. This is because you’re inhibiting the growth of bacteria. You Will Have a Lower Risk of Developing Heart Problems, Diabetes, and Pneumonia The American Dental Association (ADA) has conducted studies finding that this is indeed true. The correlation here is also one that’s recognized by the Mayo Clinic. While neither know the actual cause of such a correlation, it’s evident that your oral hygiene has an important impact on your overarching health. You Will Experience Less Jaw Pain Orthodontists don’t only straighten your teeth and make your smile look better, but they also correct any issues you may have with your bite. This will reduce the strain that’s placed on the muscles in your face, as well as your jaw joints. In turn, this will reduce or eliminate any pain you’re feeling, as well as the likelihood of you developing TMJ. This is why if your jaw hurts or you already have TMJ symptoms, you should discuss orthodontic treatment with us. You’ll Look Younger Misaligned teeth will affect the structure of your face, making you look older than you really are. It can cause your cheeks to sink and your chin to weaken – all things orthodontics can fix so you look young and vibrant again. Now that you see that having straight teeth is truly beneficial to you, isn’t it time you called our office and scheduled an appointment to start straightening your teeth today?