Many patients come to us asking for a straighter smile and we do everything we can to help them. With the popularity of ‘invisible’ braces on the rise, we feel that it is important to share some information with you about the advantages of traditional braces. They are both options for improving your smile, but they each have a purpose. Traditional vs. Invisible Invisible braces are a clear, computer generated trays that fit snugly onto your teeth, much like a retainer. They gradually move your teeth and realign them by switching trays every so often. The trays are replaced depending on the amount of adjustment that is needed to correct your teeth. Many adults prefer the look of invisible for social situations. Someone in their 40s may not want the look of full metal braces when they are in social situations. No one wants to look like a teenager again! Unfortunately, although invisible braces are good for mostly esthetic purposes, they are not effective in improving the functionality of your teeth. Basically, if you have just a couple of crooked teeth that you are wanting to straighten out, you would be fine to try invisible braces. However, if you have a more complex dental issue such as an overbite, an under bite, misaligned teeth or jaw, dental braces will correct the deeper, more complex issue. Our dental staff will be happy to meet with you and give you a full exam outlining all of the options that are available to meet your specific need. In our office, we do all kinds of orthodontics, and we are confident that we can help you get your smile perfect, whether it is with invisible braces, traditional braces, dental implants or veneers, we are here for you. We look forward to working with you! Give us a call today!