Our patients are extremely educated and knowledgeable about what is going on with their and their children and family’s teeth. Plus, they know how their smile looks and know when to spot problems or issues occurring before they become serious problems in themselves or their loved ones. An overbite or crossbite is essentially where your upper teeth and your lower teeth are not aligned. When the mouth is closed, there is a clear and present overhang of the top row of teeth over the bottom row. Today, it can also include just a single tooth, but not a whole row of teeth. What Causes Crossbite? The main contributor to crossbite is genetics. It’s in our DNA and hereditary within our family’s bloodline. Aside from that, there are numerous studies that show sucking the thumb, and not properly breathing through your nose, but instead, out of your mouth, could also inherently create a crossbite or overbite. If you notice your child breathing out of his or her mouth more than usual, or more than his or her siblings, make sure you come in for a consultation so we can look at the possibility of enlarged tonsils or tongue placement in the mouth. Importance of Discussing Treatment Options There are many different treatment options that exist to correct crossbite. One of the most successful includes braces. However, not every treatment option is best for every patient. No matter what treatment option is right for you personally, one thing that is universally true is that not treating crossbite can lead to further complications with your gums and even the shape of your face as you age. We encourage our patients to stay engaged and active about their oral hygiene and retaining a beautiful smile. Our dedicated and experienced professionals can help put you on the path to a corrective treatment today.