Traditionally, when you think of braces, you think of only metal and wires, and a silver, shiny smile. The reality is that modern medicine has now allowed us to offer more non-traditional options to help patients correct any number of orthodontic problems and concerns. From the traditional but highly improved metal braces, to ceramic braces and the invention of Invisalign, which is a clear mouth aligner. Traditional vs. Ceramic Braces As we mentioned, traditional braces aren’t what you imagine them to be. They are much lighter and smaller in structure than the initial models that you see in your high school yearbook. These new brackets require a single thin wire, known as a ligature, to force alignment of the teeth slowly and gradually over time, by pushing them into position. These are still the most common treatment type and even better for people who have multiple tooth problems or jaw injuries. Ceramic braces, on the other hand, are completely invisible on the tooth. They also go by the name porcelain braces and are essentially the same size and structure of the metal braces, plus they work exactly the same. However, they are a lot more fragile, and therefore, often have a tendency to break or chip, so we do not recommend these for patients who need a lot of corrective work. Invisalign Much like ceramic braces, the Invisalign removable mouthpieces are designed to gradually guide teeth into their proper position, without wires or braces of any kind. The trick with Invisalign trays is that you trade them in every couple of weeks for tighter trays to move your teeth and straighten them. You do have to wear the aligner for about 20 of the 24 hours in a day, which is great for younger, more active adults. We truly believe that each patient should be fully aware of every aspect of their treatment from start to finish. That begins with a consultation in our office as your very first appointment. Our team is comprised of experienced and highly dedicated professionals who make it a priority to put each patient’s smile our main priority. Call us today!