Due to one reason or the other, you might have had some misaligned teeth. However, you made the brave decision to get braces so that you can have the best smile of your life. Although they work slowly, their impact is definite when they come off. Braces have the ability to straighten crooked teeth and give you back the self-confidence you have always wanted. However, the journey of wearing braces is not an easy one. It needs some discipline in seeing the orthodontist and dentist when checkups are due and also being very careful of what you eat. Not all foods are the same. Their consistencies matter and this causes a big difference in how enduring the braces are. If you want to have your braces stay in the best possible shape, it’s crucial that you remain very keen in regards to the different foods you eat. Some foods are quite hard and eating them will only cause the wires on the braces to break, which will mean a trip back into our office for corrections. Foods To Stay Away From
Chewing Gum
Although gum might have been one of your favorite pastime consumables before you put on your braces, it’s something that would be recommended for someone who has braces on. Although gum doesn’t stick to regular teeth, it is very sticky on the brace wires and can be a problem to try removing it from the braces.
Whole Fruits And Veggies
Whole fruit and veggies such as carrots tend to be very hard. For that reason, since the wires of the braces aren’t as strong, they can be easily cut by the force required to break the. Since these foods have immense nutritional value, it’s better to chop them up into finer pieces before you consume them. Hard Foods Some foods are quite delicious but have the capability to leave you with broken braces. Foods such as tortilla chips, nuts, ice cubes and even hard biscuits should be avoided for the period you have your braces on. It’s important to keep off these foods if you want to continue having your braces on without problems. Since braces stay on for a limited time, you can always go back to them as soon as you are done.