There are many things you may crave while wearing braces, including certain kinds of sweets that are risky to chew. Many sweet treats come in sticky forms that can loosen brackets and cause damage to the wires while chewing them. Toffee, fudge, and caramel chews are all sticky ‘foods’ you should avoid with braces, among others. However, some sticky candy has a hard coating that can be sucked away to reveal a chewy center. Although sucking on hard candy isn’t inherently damaging to braces, it can be hard to resist chewing the prize in the middle. It’s also important to avoid anything with a gummy texture and chewy foods like candy bars with caramel or nougat. Are There Safer Replacements for Sticky Foods? There are foods that provide a similar texture to sticky foods that won’t cause damage to your braces. You can choose softer, chewy foods like milk chocolate or peanut butter cups that will melt away rather than stick to your braces. These choices are also easier to bite into, and pudding or custard can often satisfy a sweet and sticky craving. Remember to practice moderation with your sugar consumption, however, as eating excessive sugar can lead to both dental problems and other health issues, no matter the form it takes. The purpose of getting braces is to improve your smile in both appearance and function and being proactive about their protection is essential for your dental health and orthodontic outcomes. This means avoiding certain sticky foods and finding similar replacements. If you’re a bit disappointed about this recommendation while wearing braces, there are ways to indulge your cravings that don’t put your them at risk of damage or loosening. Contact our office for more information about foods to avoid and foods you can eat while wearing your braces.