When you decide that it is time to seek out orthodontic treatment, you might be concerned about possible lapses in your care. Given the fact that you are using two different offices for your dental care, it is quite normal to wonder how the process will work.The good news is that we work very closely with your family dentist during the entire process. We do this to ensure that we, as well as your family dentist, provide you with the very best of care. Exchanging Information To begin, we will make sure that you execute all the necessary documents and forms to allow us to exchange information with your dentist’s office. This way, we can help keep them abreast of developments in your orthodontic treatment while at the same time staying updated on anything that happens in your family dentist’s office.Being able to share information with your family dentist’s office will also help us when it comes to the issue of potential medication conflicts. As you probably know, whenever you take medication, there is always the potential for it to interact with other medications you are taking. Thus, by sharing information with your family dentist’s office, we can make sure that all parties are on the same page when it comes to prescribing medications. Your Well-Being is Our Number One Priority It is normal to be a little bit nervous about your upcoming orthodontic treatment. However, we want you to know that you are in the best of hands. We, and your dentist, put your health and well-being at the very top of our list of priorities.If you have any questions about how we will work with your family dentist’s office, feel free to ask us. We are happy to sit down with you and explain our procedures.