Generally speaking, we know the time table for when you should expect your child’s baby teeth to start falling out. However, from time to time, things may not go according to plan and you may wonder if a tooth fell out too early, or perhaps an avulsed tooth needs to be replaced. There are times when this is necessary. Too Soon Can Be a Problem Generally speaking, children lose their baby teeth in the order that they appeared. Most children lose their first tooth by the age of 6 and they lose their molars around age 13. Occasionally, a baby tooth may fall out way ahead of schedule. If one or more baby teeth are lost early, it can cause dental complications such as shifting of the teeth or bone loss which can lead to overcrowding of the adult teeth later. While we may opt to replace a lost baby tooth, x-rays will reveal what stage the adult tooth is in and the space may be able to be treated with a space maintainer. If your child’s tooth is knocked out, or loose due to injury, call us immediately and come to see us. Generally speaking, we do not replace lost baby teeth due to the fact that there are permanent teeth coming in. However, if a tooth is lost and an adult tooth has not appeared within three months, we will need to address the situation. The potential issues associated with premature tooth loss can have a negative effect on your child’s lifelong oral health if left unattended. Regular checkups are a vital part of your child’s good oral health. Continue to encourage your child to floss daily and brush twice per day. If your child hasn’t been in to see us for a while, give us a call.