Braces are great for improving your teeth and mouth. However, flossing can be very difficult for patients with braces. There are ways to make flossing easier. How to Make Flossing Easier For people with braces, flossing can be very difficult because of the wires. Good oral hygiene is important to maintain a nice smile. More effort is required to keep teeth healthy while going through the straightening process. There are many ways to make flossing with braces easier. The first is using an “orthodontic floss threader.” It’s a cheap tool that you can find in most stores that have toothpaste and toothbrushes. The tool is great for flossing your teeth when they have braces on because it helps you to slide the floss in between the teeth to reach the gums. Another solution is “waxed floss”. The floss should be used with a threader. It is able to move within every tooth without getting stuck. You then bring the floss up to the gum of the teeth and then remove the threader and floss. After that, you move on to another tooth. You can also use a water flosser. It’s a tool that provides streams of water in order to clean each tooth. Some can be pretty expensive, but it also depends on which brand and model you want. It only requires three to five minutes of flossing with it. If a patient has sensitive gums, they can also floss with dental tape. The ultra thin type of floss is easy to use because it’s smooth and spongy. Plus, it’s significantly thinner than traditional floss while being wider, more ribbon-shaped. That helps it glide between teeth more easily. You use dental tape the same way you would with traditional floss. You don’t have to suffer while flossing with braces. These solutions will help relieve pain and will make your mouth so much healthier. If you have any questions about flossing give our orthodontist a call. We can make an appointment to answer your questions.