When choosing what braces to get, it can be hard to make a decision. Luckily, there are a lot of braces to choose from. Here are some of the most common. All the Types of Braces to Choose From There are many different types to choose from. The first type you can choose is “metal braces”. Metal braces are made with brackets and wires. They stick onto the teeth. Metal braces are the cheapest option, but they work really well, just like with other types of braces. This type is most preferred by patients. The next type you can get is “ceramic braces”. They are almost the same size as “metal braces”, but are made of ceramic material instead. This type is less noticeable than “metal braces”. They are usually more money than “metal braces”. Another type you can get is “lingual braces”. Just like with “metal braces”, they are made from metal. The braces cling on to the inside of the teeth, which results in them not being seen. They aren’t as effective as “metal braces” and take longer to straighten teeth. This type is usually harder to clean. Another option is “Invisalign”. They don’t use brackets or wires, instead, they consist of clear aligners that are put on over the teeth. They are simple to take out and replace. They must be changed every couple of weeks. It’s a well-known option because they are not really noticeable, and allow you to eat or drink anything. They usually cost more money than other types of braces. The last type you can get is “self-ligating braces”. They look like “metal braces”, and use clips instead of bands to keep the wire in place. This type is easier for patients to clean. They work great for correcting teeth placement. They cost more money than “metal braces” and are more noticeable. Call Us to Find Out More About Which Types of Braces Would Best Suit Your Needs There are so many different types of braces to choose from. It’s important to read through every type before you make your decision. If you have any questions or want to set up an appointment to get braces, give our orthodontist a call.