Invisalign is the go-to dental restoration for parents looking to prevent tooth problems in their children that might taint their childhood memories. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign doesn’t tarnish the teeth’s aesthetics. It promotes glowing smiles while securing the recovering teeth in place. Generally, there are no age requirements for using Invisalign. The only reason age may be relevant to the procedure’s requirement is the development of second molars (also called the “twelve-year-old molars”). Depending on his/her genetics and unique body composition, your child’s second molars may come in at age 14 or below (girls often develop faster than boys). Invisalign for Teens There are Invisalign procedures that are designed specifically for teens. These differ slightly from the regular treatment for adults. Invisalign treatments for teens are designed to evolve together with the emergence of new molars, helping to secure the new teeth in their perfect position. Their form factor helps to plant the roots of new teeth in the right places. Invisalign aligners for teens come in multiple successive iterations, each tweaked to support your teen’s teeth at a specific developmental stage. And given how boisterous teens can get, your teen will also get multiple aligners so lost or damaged ones can be easily replaced. The treatment will also come with tools and resources to help your child imbibe habits that increase the treatment’s success rate. Besides the development of permanent teeth, discipline is also another factor that’s critical to the success of Invisalign for teens. Since the treatment requires the use of the aligners for 20 – 22 hours per day, your teen needs to inculcate the mental and physical discipline needed to leave the aligners in place for as long as necessary. If your child is too feral to stick to wearing the aligner for most parts of the day, then perhaps they’ll be better off with other types of dental restoration. Not sure if Invisalign is right for your teen? You can call our offices to let our seasoned Invisalign experts examine your teen’s chances of succeeding with the treatment.