Are Extractions Required Before Braces?
Chattanooga, TN

A woman smiling after receiving braces at Sawrie Orthodontics in Chattanooga, TNThe goal of orthodontic treatment is to help you achieve a healthier, more aesthetic smile. One of the most common and effective ways to achieve these goals is with braces. Braces involve the use of brackets and wires to move your teeth into proper alignment, improving your oral health and giving you a smile that you have always dreamed of. While many orthodontic patients can simply have braces placed on their teeth, some patients require preparation before orthodontic treatment. At Sawrie Orthodontics, we can help to determine if you require tooth extractions before braces.

When are Extractions Necessary?

There are a few different situations in which tooth extractions before braces may be needed. These situations include:
•  Significant crowding in the upper or lower arch of teeth.
•  You have a tooth that is compromised by excessive damage or decay.
•  When you have a protrusion or extreme prominence in your front teeth.
•  The teeth cannot be moved because they are impacted, or they have fused to the bone and leaving them in place could cause complications.
•  The sizes of your upper and lower jaws are mismatched but you do not need surgery. Instead, extractions can help to compensate for the problem.

How Many Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

When it comes to extracting teeth for orthodontic purposes, it is common to remove anywhere from one to four teeth. It is preferable to extract the least number of teeth to meet the goals of your treatment. When addressing issues with asymmetry, teeth are often extracted in odd numbers. The most common teeth to be extracted are the premolars or the fourth and fifth teeth from the front. During your orthodontic evaluation, we take your unique circumstances into consideration to determine if extractions are necessary, how many teeth need to be extracted and which teeth should be extracted to provide you with the best results possible.

Are There Any Alternatives to Tooth Extractions?

One of the most common alternatives to tooth extractions is an expander. This U-shaped device works to expand the arches to resolve issues with overcrowding. A palatal expander is a common treatment in children to widen the upper arch. This device activates the growth center that runs front to back through the center of the jaw. This growth center fuses together in the later teen years. With older teens and adults, the effectiveness of expansion is limited because the bone is harder. The bone covering the roots does not expand or grow when the teeth are pushed outward. Too much expansion can then lead to issues such as gum and bone recession, both of which can compromise the stability of your teeth following treatment. If you are being recommended for tooth extractions before undergoing treatment with braces, it is because we have determined, through a thorough oral evaluation complete with a visual exam and X-ray images, that it is the best solution to provide you with optimal results, both functionally and aesthetically. We will formulate the most effective treatment plan based on your unique needs and extract the least number of teeth to provide you with a healthy, beautiful smile.

If you have any questions or concerns about extracting teeth prior to braces, call Sawrie Orthodontics at (423) 624-8217 today.

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Are Extractions Required Before Braces? | Sawrie Orthodontics
While many orthodontic patients can simply have braces placed on their teeth, some patients require preparation before treatment. At Sawrie Orthodontics in Chattanooga, we can help determine if you require tooth extractions before braces.
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